Modular Homes

A modular home is built by using building systems that take a systematic approach to building your custom home. They’re typically built off-site and quality controlled environment, completed in sections, and according to specific plans. Modular homes are then assembled by the builder where you’re wanting to build. Our custom modular builds are built to the same high standards as stick-built custom homes, ensuring you the best quality when it comes to your modular home build.

Build Your Dream Custom Modular Home

A great advantage to building a modular home is that there are fewer delays because the sections of your modular home are built off-site and then transferred to your build site for assembly. Typically, modular homes are cheaper than on-site custom home builds. Get started today on your dream modular home built by Our Custom Build.

Finding Land for your Modular Home

With trusted real estate agents and a broad real estate network, we can find you the ideal land for your custom modular home to be built. Our Custom Build has been specializing in custom home real estate for years. You’ve got your financing, real estate, and builder all in one with us!

Modular Home Kits & Shells

Are you wanting to assemble your own modular home on your property? Contact us today to see how we can build out your sections and ship them to you for assembly. Our Custom Build has been in the modular home building business for years and would love to design and build your dream modular home.

Get started by filling out the form on our website.

Turnkey Modular Home Builder

Looking for the best turnkey modular home builder near you? Our Custom Build not only builds your modular home kit, but we can also assemble your modular home on-site. Get started today by filling out the form on our website.

Modular Home Financing

Need financing for your custom modular home? Our Custom Build has got you covered with our network of financing agents for your custom modular home build.

Pros and Cons of Modular Homes

The first obvious benefit of a modular home is the cost. The amount of labor is lower because modular homes are made to be assembled, and not built from the ground up. Secondly, the quality of modular homes has gone way up in recent years, due to the rigorous quality control in the factory setting of your build. Thirdly, it’s usually a quick setup. Traditionally built homes can take almost a year to fully build, yet modular homes take quite a bit less time.The cons of building a modular home can be financing difficulty, finding land, a lack of customization, and smaller sizes. Good thing Our Custom Build has got you covered on all of those issues. We’re your one stop shop for your dream modular home.

What to Expect

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After the form is filled out, you’ll see a link to schedule your 30 minute call with one of our consultants. In this call, we’ll go over details of your build and exactly what you’re looking for.

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